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Comme vous le savez, je m’occupe du web marketing du site, premier site indépendant de ventes de pneus en Australie.
Grande fut donc ma surprise quand je vis cet article sur la création d’un site du même type sur notre territoire.

Voilà une petite analyse de ce site de vente de pneus (en anglais)

It seems the founder of the companu left Michelin 2 years ago. He must have experience in terms of tyre technology, tyre market, and distribution structure.

The concept:

  • 500 dealers all aligned with stocks, prices on tyres and the same fitment + balance fee ($20 per tyre)
  • loads of information on tyres: reviews + photos of all tyres
  • 3 types of « search »: by brand, by car, by size (size is the default)
  • you search tyres first, then you click on a « buy » button
  • next step is the selection of the dealers: you enter a postcode and it shows a google map with tyre dealer listings
  • there, they list the dealers: address + name that’s all: no phone numbers, no logo, no reviews. You clearly choose based on proximity only
  • when chosen, you view an itinerary on google maps (this is something you can easily integrate with the google maps API) and you are asked to set up an appointment online (the dates offered are based on the delivery delay for the tyres to be available)
  • It will take 1 hour for the tyres to be fitted (this is also « aligned » across all dealers)
  • one thing that I can criticize: they ask my car make and model again although I have searched based on this information.
  • you purchase the tyres online then – it’s an e-commerce site, not just a comparison shopping site

Other notes:

Being aligned with dealers in terms of prices, allow Popgom to run the promotions. So they do show a lot of pricing on the site. Furthermore, they have a call centre for consumers. At all time they encourage to call.
This is not always the best for profitability, but it’s a nice initiative to help the market move to the internet.

In a nutshell the site has 4 components:
banana: tyre choice + dealer choice + appointment + payment

  • tyre guide with a lot of content (content is king for commodities such as tyres)
  • help (how the site works) – one page only
  • promotions (one page only with bridges to the tyre choice page)

In terms of user experience, has preferred pop ups to facilitate the navigation of the user within the content and different steps.

In terms of marketing spending, one of the investors owns a big lead generation shopping site that now refers all the tyre trafic to popgom. While this is beneficial in a launch environment, it might prevent from entering partnerships with other shopping sites.

This is the current traffic structure according to CEO:
30% from the shopping site
60% from Adwords
10% from direct + organic search engines

This is largely different from the traffic structure of CarbonBlack (35% organic / 35% Adwords / 20% direct / 10% referrers)

The CEO mentions that online tyre buying now represents 4% of the market in France, 2% in Spain and 8% in Germany. There are competitors in France but this site is really well thought compared to them.

The name « popgom » is not generic…. like us, this will be a disadvantage for search engine optimisation, which seems to be their biggest weakness unfortunately.


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  1. There is a site since 2001 that is called Pneus Online on , so nothing new to me! There is also 123penu.

  2. Popgom n’est en rien indépendant car c’est des actionnaires comme Michelin, mister good deal et un fond suisse…étrangement anonyme qui se cache derrière toute cette affaire! En fait si était vraiment indépendant, comment popgom, sous la société tyre dating peux nous expliquer qu’ils trouvent des partenaires euromaster très facilement dans chaque pays et que les millions d’euros de capital se transforment en perte chaque année ? Christophe tesseraud n’est qu’un pion dans ce jeux orchestré par Michelin !!! Voyez vous mêmes sur le site de société.com en tapant tyre dating….

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